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  • The competition is open to individuals, small teams and business entities in South Africa.

  • Teams or individuals based outside of Gauteng may enter, but they should have evidence of an office, or plans to setup an office in Gauteng, or a Gauteng-based partner.

  • Workshops are complulsory for all entrants that are invited, failure to honour the invite without a valid reason will result in automatic disqualification of the company/applicant.

  • Entrants are not required to be formally registered as a legal business entity to enter the competition, but semi-finalists must register in a form appropriate to an SMME or NPO to participate in incubation.

  • Entries from established businesses must not have a turnover of R5 million or more in the last financial year.

  • Individuals and companies that entered the previous competition (including non-winning finalists) are eligible to enter this year and are allowed to submit the same innovation.

  • Individuals and companies may enter more than one of the current GAP competitions at a time, however they will not be awarded a prize in more than one competition.

  • Individuals and companies may enter the same competition more than once with different entries, however they will not be awarded more than one prize.

  • Individuals and companies that were awarded a prize in the previous versions of the GAP or Gauteng Innovation Competitions or that are currently being incubated at the Maxum Business Incubator or Climate Innovation Centre are not eligible for entry.

  • The Innovation Hub staff, members of the competition project steering committee and adjudication panels, and their immediate families, may not enter the competition.

  • Entrants should be willing and able to join incubation at The Innovation Hub as described below.

Scope of Entries

  • Entries must have potential for broad social impact in Gauteng, through the creation of jobs, enhancing service delivery by government, or improving citizens’ lives.

  • Entries must fit with the competition theme.

  • Entries need to demonstrate innovation in the organisational model, business model, underlying technology, or the application of the technology.

  • Entries to GAP Green should be at prototype stage/ tried at a small scale, or have demonstrated commercial feasibility, but may not be commercially available prior to the awarding of prizes.


  • Entries must be submitted through the competition website. The submissions page on the competition website opens on 01 February 2019.

  • Entries must be submitted on or before the closing date of the competition, which is 23h59 on 15 Jun 2019.

  • Entries must include a description of the proposed concept, problem or opportunity being addressed, anticipated social impact, a description of the proposed target market and potential competitors, as well as the background and capabilities of the team.

Intellectual Property

  • Each entrant retains ownership of all intellectual property rights that were held by the entrant prior to submission. The Innovation Hub Management Company (TIHMC), Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) and Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED) give all assurances that the applicant shall remain the sole owner of their idea and that no steps will be taken by TIHMC, GGDA or GDED to assert any claims to any ideas presented.

  • Each entrant is responsible for ensuring that their entry does not infringe on third-party intellectual property rights.

  • Each entrant must hold the necessary rights to utilise any third-party intellectual property in the way proposed in their submission.

  • TIHMC, GGDA and GDED and the competition partners are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your ideas and will not share your information with third parties.

  • All adjudication panel members sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) preventing them from using or sharing any information related to your entry.

  • As a potential entrant to the competition you should be aware of the provisions of the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act, 2008 (IPR Act). The IPR Act can be downloaded. TIHMC will assist prize winners in complying with the Act as part of their incubation agreements described below.

Awarding of Prizes

  • The cash award and seed funding will be transferred to the registered company’s bank account, upon agreeing on deliverables and signing the incubation and seed funding contracts. Funds will be transferred in advance for each milestone.

  • As a winner of the competition you will be required to sign an incubation contract with the Maxum Business Incubator at The Innovation Hub as well as the Climate Innovation Centre depending on the type of entry.

  • You will receive the seed funding in approximately three tranches over one year based on progress made towards the commercialisation of your innovation and business development. To access the seed funding you will need to participate actively in the incubation process

  • Participation in incubation and acceptance of seed funding will not lead to any claims to your intellectual property, neither will it involve the incubator taking any equity in your business. You will be required to pay a small royalty of between 1% and 3% of total revenue on exiting incubation for the number of years you were in the incubator.

  • The incubation agreement will define the services provided, including allocation of a mentor, and will indicate the obligations of the company including participation in certain incubation activities, quarterly reports on progress towards milestones and adherence to The Innovation Hub’s code of conduct as an ambassador of our Science and Technology Park

  • Winners will be allocated desk/ office space along with ICT, reception and meeting room services at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria, and will be expected to attend mentor and feedback meetings at The Innovation Hub or at an alternative place as arranged with the mentor

  • Entry into incubation and the award of a prize does not imply that your solution will be procured by any of the stakeholders in the competition.

Situations not covered by these rules will be resolved by the organisers of the competition, and their decision will be final. The competition organisers reserve the right to amend these rules without notice, to clarify the competition requirements or to cater for an unforeseen situation. The Innovation Hub Management Company (TIHMC) reserves the right to terminate the application of any candidate in the event that they put TIHMC into disrepute while in the competition process.

Complete all the sections. In case of challenges kindly send an email to

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