About Technology Offers
About Technology Offers

About Technology Offers

What is a Technology Offer?

Whilst a Challenge involves posting a specific business or service delivery problem and ‘pulling’ responses from potential solution providers or innovators, a Technology Offer involves a ‘push’ of a unique innovation into the market and inviting potential customers, solution seekers or even venture capital and potential research partners to respond. There is no cost for posting or responding to a new Technology Offer, but to do so you will first need to login or register a user account. Registration is free and quick and unlocks all the benefits of OpenIX.

Submit A New Technology

Do you have an idea or have you developed a technology that you want to offer to the broader market? Submit your Technology Offer for consideration by completing the information in the Technology Offer submission form. Your Technology Offer will first need to be evaluated and approved by the OpenIX Team before it will be published. A number of criteria are used in the evaluation of potential Technology Offers:

  • A concise description of the working principle without necessarily giving away the “know how/ trade secret”
  • A clear market need and commercial viability
  • Innovation through a unique approach or model
  • Technical viability
  • Technology maturity: Preference will be given to submissions that have a proven concept or prototype.
  • Intellectual property: Preference will be given to submissions that are protected. Those submitting unprotected technologies should be very selective in distributing/ sharing information as this may compromise future protection and commercialisation opportunities
The OpenIX Team may request revisions to the submission and reserves the right to make minor grammatical, formatting and spelling changes or to reject Technology Offer submissions. 

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